• You’re turning 65 and beginning to look at the Medicare Health options; or
  • You’re disabled (younger than 65) and qualify for Medicare Health plans; or
  • You’re over 65 and want to change plans…probably lower your premiums…

Either way you’re about to enter the MEDICARE MAZE…my intent is to make this journey as fail safe as possible…informative and pain free. The Senior Source company has helped many people through the health care maze since 2000. As an independent agent I represent a plethora of companies on both MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTS and MEDICARE ADVANTAGE plans.

I sense your confusion…you’ve hit the first fork in the road…

  • ”What’s the difference between a SUPPLEMENT versus ADVANTAGE plans?” Simply stated…how much freedom do you desire for your health care choices?
  • The SUPPLEMENTS give the most freedom of doctor –hospitals while the ADVANTAGE plans narrow the field. 
  • This doesn’t make the ADVANTAGE plans less capable…but they will incur restrictions on your freedoms of choice. 
  • All Medicare doctor’s MUST accept ALL SUPPLEMENTS…matters not the company…but these same doctors can pick and chose the ADVANTAGE plans which they participate. We’ll cover this material in more detail in another section.
Let’s move ahead…Do you take any prescription medicines?
  • Medicare has created a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP)...it has helped a lot of people keep costs down…it’s optional.
  • There are separate “stand alone” plans that can be of benefit. But you should be aware that all plans may “look alike” since they have to meet government standards; but the prices between the companies will be dramatically different.
  • A good agent will have software to hone in on the best plan and accurately give you the price for your medicines and the savings over the other plans.
  •  If your income is limited then Low Income Subsidy (LIS) programs are available. These will cover your PDP premiums and greatly reduce the price of prescriptions. Call Social Security (1-800-772-1213) to get an application.

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