Two situations you should consider:

1. IRA SITUATION… At age 70 ½ you must take distributions from your tax deferred IRA. This is an increasing percentage as you age; thereby diminishing the account values. Most people don’t want to withdraw from their IRA because they want to leave the money for the spouse or children. So a big concern is over the 10-15 years of withdrawals and then reducing the account so dramatically that the spouse is left for naught.

How would you like to have a product that guarantees even after 10-15 years of withdrawing the RMD (required minimum distributions) the account value will be greater than the original balance; regardless of the stock market performance or interest rates? Yes, read that again! Now your surviving spouse will have a strong financial future; and the balance will go to the children.

Speak to me about running the numbers for you to see exactly what your financial future can look like with a fixed annuity product.

2. Wealth transfer…If you have earmarked a savings or CD or money market account etc for the children then one problem is the tax burden placed upon the inheritance.

How about a product that will give the children tax free monies and cost you about ½ to1/3 less than just leaving them the cash? For example: You plan on leaving $50000 to the children and have it in a CD, money account etc. You can take $30,000 and turn it into $50000 leaving you $20000 for your needs. Plus the money the kids receive is tax free (not so with the CD, money acct etc.). Suppose we increased your investment by 10% …immediately…so $20k is now worth $22000…also the money is 100% liquid at any time without penalty…and also give you Nursing Home confinement coverage included…a win win for you and the kids.

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